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So, I also write for of another blog over at Tumblr called Defiant wRiot. Basically, we are a group of Afro-American Texas State University students who have come together shed light on some of our thoughts and perspectives as black people living in America and living in this world that has been altered against us.

I am the Senior Editor over at Defiant wRiot and I created it with two other colleagues of mine Odus Evbagharu and Imani McGarrell, Managing Editor and Promotions Coordinator, respectively. So if you’re interested in some more material of mine then you should check out the blog and check out the 8 other writers as well.

If this is something that is of interest to you, you should check it out and spread the word. We have extensive writings, some previous podcasts and eventually will include videos and more current podcasts discussing current events and things written about for that particular week.

Like our Facebook Page here

Follow our Twitter Account: @Defiant_wRiot

Here’s some information about us:

Mission Statement: To revolutionize and expand the way people view and think about the Afro-American perspective.


  • To remove racial barriers by fostering an open dialogue
  • To help negate racial stereotypes, stigmas and biases
  • To make connections between all audiences
  • To inform on different aspects of the black community


Click here to check out the blog.


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