Welcome to TheBlackAdvocate blog site. I will be discussing topics ranging from race, to gender, to sexuality, to class and other topics. Focusing on intersectionality where it exists among these things. As the self-proclaimed Black Advocate, the intersectionality and reality of race, as it relates to the topics aforementioned will be the primary focus.

My post will generally be thought-provoking, provocative assessments and critiques. However, everyone likes a little fun every now and then. Sprinkled through the blog will be more frivolous human interests and trendy stories such as celebrities, gossip and the media in general. Of course, dealing with the blacker side of all things aforementioned. What can I say, I’m a writer in every sense of the word.

So, I hope you stay and read my content. This is a hub for the ramblings and, sometimes, thought-provoking thoughts of a Black Advocate. Enjoy.


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