The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: My Experience Blogging

So, after a year or so of careful deliberation, due to the requirements of a college course I’m taking at the moment, I finally decided (?) to start blogging. I’ve been commenting on HuffingtonPost and YouTube channels for quite a while now, some people agree some people do not I’ve been told I should start a blog, but never was quite interested, mainly because I need an audience and I’m also impatient. I don’t want to grow an audience, I’d rather comment on a channel or website with a huge audience and get them interested in what I have to say, which is what I’ve done and continue to do. Unfortunately, due to me working in the media and some of my opinions being a bit controversial, I cannot disclose my YouTube profile. Anyway, I digress, back to my experience blogging.

My experience blogging has been an interesting one, unfortunately, having this be a requirement for a college course I’ve been just doing the bare minimum to skate by. When something is forced upon you it takes away the passion and the intrigue. Starting my own blog by my own accord would have been much better for me, having a class force me to create a blog within specific time-frames has made my experience dull, hasty and malcontent.

Therefore, and perhaps unfortunately, using social media to promote myself hasn’t been the best. Why? Simple, my blog isn’t anything I’m particularly proud of because it was forced on me. I’m not though, through cronyism and nepotism I’ve heard people actually getting internships and job prospects off of their blogs. Must be nice to have such connections, even though the work is mediocre or unimpressive.That may be the most effective tool, having parents and friends in positions of power and authority, all it takes is one glance of a blog, regardless of flair, and, BOOM, your foot is already in the door.

For me though, the most effective tool has probably been Twitter. It’s easy, it’s simple and it connects you to millions of people. No friendships needed or anything, you’re all connected. So simply putting #FDOM14 or #TXST in a tweet or another popular hashtag can give people tons of retweeets or favorites or even just views. The least effective for me has been the blog itself. WordPress, while popular, has been going downhill for a while. Also, the comment section is very specific to WordPress. Something like Tumblr or incorporating Disqus into the blog would have been a better tool because more people have Disqus profiles and Tumblr has been growing over the last several years, and it also has a younger fan base. So, those would have probably increased the visibility and comments of the blogs just by using popular tags.

While this blog specifically will definitely not be getting updated, I think that this experience has taught me a bunch of valuable things. It taught me A) creating a blog is super easy B) I know, or have a general idea, of what I can write a blog about C) taught me valuable ways to create videos, edit and properly take pictures, and use HTML. Being a Mass Communications major this is very important information, especially since, while transcripts are important, content is most important if one wants a job in the Mass Communications field. So, now that I have the knowledge I can include that into a better blog, that isn’t constrained by time and grading systems. Then, once I make it into the real world I can show employers even more content that I have, that I created and more importantly, that I’m actually proud of. As was told to us FDOM students by the panel at Texas State University’s annual Mass Comm Week from employers, they don’t care what you say you can do–they want to see what you can, and what you have done. Since I want to be a columnist eventually for a big time newspaper, magazine or publication in general, having a blog illustrating what I can do and what I’m passionate about is vital to my success in the field and will undoubtedly set me apart from others.

So, if you want to see what I can and have done then check out a blog I’m actually proud of which is Defiant wRiot, you can check out more information about us on the Defiant wRiot tab here on my blog (just scroll up).


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