One of My Literary Inspirations: Blogger Abagond

One blogger on WordPress that has inspired me, specifically the content of my chosen blog, is blogger Abagond. His blog was created as just the ramblings of a white collar professional who always had a passion for writing. His blog’s literal catchphrase is “500 words a day on whatever I want,” talk about a man who has a knack for everything

While he says his content is non-specific one thing that he chooses to specialize on are topics regarding race and white supremacy. Mainly black issues, since he himself is a black man, but he also speaks on Asian issues, Hispanic issues, Native American issues, etc. Basically exposing white supremacy’s effect on these different sub-groups. Again, generally.

I remember I first got into his blog because I decided to google sub-Sahara Africa, which I thought as being a racial/racist term. His blog post on it, titled “Is the term sub-Saharan Africa racist,” was one of the top results. I clicked it and fell in love. I always find it funny how people say “black Africans” and relegate black people to “sub-Sahara Africa” as if we have never existed in other parts of the continent, or currently do not exist in the Northern region. Which is demonstrably false. This is the thing that lead me to googling this in the first place. Then his blog post, complete with facts, addressed my very concern and validated it.

I have literally spent countless hours on his blog just reading his post but most of the time is relegated to the comments on his post, some post have over 1,000 comments. The average ones, that I visited at least, have about 150-250 comments. The commenters are generally regular readers of his blogs and they are by far some of the smartest commenters I have ever encountered.

Very aware of everything and on the specific post on sub-Sahara Africa that initially intrigued me there were over 50 comments between two people discussing the biology and genetics of people. Not in simple terms, but words and phrases I have never even heard of, speaking in-depth and with links to journals and studies/research. I was thoroughly impressed at the knowledge of these two people and having been visiting the blog for the past 2 years now, most of the commenters are extremely educated. Then of course you have the typical white racist who comes in to disturb the peace and the commenters take them down effortlessly, without being nasty or rude, just truth and honest and facts.

All in all, Abagond is one of my literary inspirations. For a man that works as some kind of engineer, which I’d imagine takes up a lot of time, he writes and links some of the most meaningful things I have ever read. He was the catalyst for my pan-africanism views and my awakening into a higher consciousness in regards to race, race relations, and white supremacy perpetrated the world over for the past 600 years from colonialism to imperialism to purported moral superiority. I recommend everyone to check out this amazing man and his amazing content on his blog. Fair warning, he has a huge amount of content so tread carefully and utilize the search bar on his blog for whatever you specifically are curious about. Trust me, he has practically everything and even more than you thought you knew. The best thing, for me at least, is to read something that I find interesting then look at his “See Also” which shows other, similar (vaguely sometimes), posts.


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