U.S. Congressional Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Discusses Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

Adding Context:

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee started off talking about the non-indictment of Darren Wilson in the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. She saw it as a grave injustice and promises she will convene with Congress to have the federal government charge Wilson in the shooting death of the teenager. This outrage lead her to discuss a recent incident that happened in this predominately minority community of Houston, TX.

An elderly business-owner was attacked by a group of youths after simply telling them not to park in his car wash parking lot, because it deters customers and takes up his space for would-be customers. Now, that man is in the hospital in critical condition, hence why she starts off saying that man deserved to live.

The overview of her statement was the fact that we, as a community, need to support our own businesses at all times and one way of supporting those businesses is speaking up when something horrible happens like the case of the elderly man. We cannot tell other people to respect us when in our own communities there is not respect for one another. Of course, we can. That was just a false-dilemma fallacy, when can indefinitely do both, but it seems to lack legitimacy when you want respect and support on the national level when you don’t have nor fight for respect and support on the local level.




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