My App

My app is an app that will let people report when and where they experience some kind of racism or bigotry of any kind. This will allow people to anonymously connect with one another and rate businesses based on their inclusivity and respect for people unlike them.

Essentially, this will be a Yelp type of app but specifically to rate the inclusivity and tolerance of business and organizations. i think this will help whip people into shape and whip organizations into shape and realize they have to respect people who they may deem different.

For example: You’re at a eating place and you notice your waiters area bit homophobic, you give an H rating noting mild homophobia by the waiting staff. This lets people on the app know to steer clear of this place, depending on how their expression of their sexuality is. This works for sexism, racism, islamophobia and transphobia and all other things as well.



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